ITS SIGNED acknowledges that authenticity is of paramount importance when purchasing sporting memorabilia.



Trevor Brooking



We have an impressive and ever growing collection of 'in-person' autographs, we also have a very exciting collection of items from many private signings (in which players are paid for their time and sign a set number of items), these signings take place regularly and the site is constantly being updated to show our new ranges. All items from private signings will have photo proof to show the signings taking place. 

Our PLATINUM membership to the EPS Group (Exclusive Private Signings) puts us in an excellent position to constantly provide top quality and 110% genuine signed memorabilia. It also allows us the opportunity to work with some of the top autograph dealers in the country. This in turn gives us access to third party memorabilia to provide to our customers with 110% confidence.

We regularly attend Sportsmans dinners, Training grounds, Charity days in order to gain our items. Where possible we will provide photo evidence of our own, for autographs that we have personally obtained. are members of the Autograph Collectors Club which is active in working to report and stop traders in fake memorabilia.

The company has been founded on the basis of providing high quality, authentic signed and unsigned sporting memorabilia. All of our signed products come supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Director of the company. Further to this, ITS SIGNED offers a LIFETIME MONEY BACK guarantee for any customer who can provide evidence that they have bought an item that is not genuine. This applies to the original purchaser only. We take complaints of this nature very seriously and will take action against any dealer that supplies us with goods that are not authentic. The company prides itself on the quality of goods and service provided and will do its utmost to ensure that the customer is happy with the purchase.

     Stephen Hendry Snooker

When purchasing autographed items it pays to remember just a few things. Bear in mind that many claim as much as 95% of autographed memorabilia is fake (particularly from Ebay) :-

1) If the price is too good to be true - it most probably is. If you're buying a Lionel Messi or Fernando Torres signed photo for £4.99 - you should be wondering if you're buying the real thing!

2) Many sellers offer huge amounts of squad signed shirts, from Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool etc - Anybody who collects autographs or deals in autographs knows that this just isn't possible - some players refuse to even sign and some clubs restrict players from signing (Manchester United players taking dealers to court for using fake signatures!). Getting one squad signed shirt would be hard enough - selling multiples every week for bargain prices just isn't feasible.

3) Don't be fooled by dealers claiming to have links within clubs or other outrageous claims. Take time to Email or speak to dealers. Most dealers will be happy to tell you where and when items were obtained or answer questions.

4) Companies offering a limited guarantee - 7 day, 14 day - may well be selling you something that isn't authentic. This limited period doesn't really give the untrained buyer much time to assess the quality of a product. Genuine dealers and sellers will always offer a lifetime guarantee. This shows confidence in the product they are selling.

5) The big names are generally the hardest to get - Rooney, Terry, Lampard, Gerrard - to name but a few, do not sign many items. Sometimes they only sign with a dedication and sometimes they even refuse to sign (particularly photographs). Thats why you won't see many of them up for sale with genuine dealers, they are just too hard to obtain. Sites offering weekly stocks of the 'big names' may well be offering fakes - so always remember to ask the questions, a genuine dealer will be happy to answer these without taking offence.

6) There are some dealers who pay for exclusive signings with certain players, Its Signed are one of these companies. However, we will happily refer you to other genuine dealers if we cannot provide the item you are looking for. Just email us for details.

7) We don't generally take offers to authenticate items sold by other companies. However we can provide information about a number of companies that do offer an authentication service.

8) Photo proof is great and often gives products a lot more credibility. However, photo proof does not guarantee the item is real. How can you prove that the item in the photo is the exact item you are receiving? Some people use the same photo proofs to authenticate a number of items. A quick search on Google can find a number of images that fakers will use to try and authenticate their products. Never be afraid to ask questions.

9) Some players have multiple signatures, short versions for when they are mobbed by fans, longer / full versions for when they are in a quiet, controlled area, perhaps a private signing. What is more confusing for the buyer is that no two signatures will ever be the same, although there will always be little distinguishing features of a signature. Some players change there signature or have over time - Tim Cahill and Mikel Arteta being two. The point in this all being that it is easy to look at a signature and say it is fake, as it doesn't match a one you have previously obtained. The signature may well be fake but its always good to check into the sellers history rather than just the autograph itself. Always be willing to ask questions.

10) Genuine dealers will happily answer questions about the origins of any of their autographed memorabilia, please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information and reassurance about the any of our items. We won't take offence, we appreciate that genuine memorabilia is expensive and its only right to find out as much information as possible before parting with your hard earned cash.

For any queries of this nature, please Email  -